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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Robert J. Smith III. makes a great suggestion:

"...Regarding national energy policy, a preferrable approach is long-term heavy investment in alternative (non-petrol) energy sources, particularly if they can be produced domestically in the United States. Oil dependency (or any type of dependency) should be avoided through innovative approaches. Automobile and fuel corporations have already taken some of the initiative to follow this path. Let's work on a way to perpetuate and increase the switch to cleaner, more affordable energy."

Robert, I could not agree more! The United States must face the fact that continued investment in petrol sources will only prolong our dependency on foreign oil.

Through the domestic production of fuel alternatives we can alleviate our heavy burden while strengthening our own economy. By sending American dollars abroad, we are only aiding the economies of our competitors.

I applaud the initiatives demonstrated by automotive and fuel corporations, but this example must be followed. Gas prices are still much too high despite the demonstrated initiative, and despite our complaints, many Americans are still guilty of blind consumption. Until consumers change their selfish ways, we can make no argument against the high energy prices imposed by uncaring corporations.

While President Bush may not go down in history as the most beloved American President, I do agree that we must devote ourselves to an energy policy that is "...reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound..."
-President George W. Bush

Americans must lessen their dependance on our four main energy forms: coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable resources. Oil is not our only problem. I strongly advocate the continued research and study of alternative energy options. Such options might include hydrogen, ethanol, and biofuel.
Thank you, Robert, for your post. I wish that more people would adopt your astute attitude towards energy conservation.


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